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*May 20th update… Due to excessive order volume all orders taken now through Jun. 15 (our final cutoff date for ALL orders to be placed for this 2022 Halloween season) will now ship on or before October 15th. Thank You*



































*Update…Thank you all once again for making this Halloween 2022 season one to remember as we continue to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary season. We have now reached our order volume threshold and are at capacity for the majority of the costume products we offer here on our website. If your favorite costume says “temporarily unavailable” it will unfortunately no longer be offered for the remainder of the Halloween 2022 season. As it stands now the costumes we do have available to order (until June 15) such as our 23, Vs, Maniac ,Bubba, Cletus etc. and Living Dead lineup are available to order with a tentative shipping date of October 1 or later. We will soon be posting a list of costumes that can still be ordered (until June 15) soon on our social media pages.  Contact us if you have a custom request or a specific time line needed to assure we can help this season. We will also continue to add Ready to Ship items to our RTS section throughout the rest of the season into October. Thanks again for all of your continued support.*




First off…We are excited to now be OPEN to all new orders for the 2022 season.




Our Milestone…Thanks to all of your continued support we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this season as professional costume and prop designers so we wanted to offer a few exciting new options throughout 2022 to help commemorate this special season.  In addition to our upcoming 2022 NEW RELEASES, for the first time in our 10 year history we will be offering a significant and steady amount of In-stock / Ready to ship custom items. Along with our standard ordering options there will be many costume and prop items (with many sizes and variants to choose from) that have been popular staples in our catalog continuously added to our Ready to Ship section throughout the 2022 season.  Also look for some extremely neat, uber detailed one-off costumes, props and accessories to be added…but remember its first come first serve for these as once they are gone they are gone!  Also in addition to our growing In-stock options we will be offering new costume ensemble packages of some of our most popular current costumes along with new releases to create a well-rounded group theme for any haunted attraction or feature film. We have also implemented the Affirm  “payment plan” POS platforms this season to help you effectively budget for your favorite DCATX costumes. Lastly we will be lending our services more this season to unique individual custom work. We offer an exceptional (and consistent)  level of professional craftmanship in all of our work so let us, as our company tagline states, bring your imagination to life!




Something a little different this season… 

Along with a whole NEW cast of professional movie-ready costume characters, props, and accessories for the 2022 season, we are going to offer something a little bit different for this season. For an even quicker turnaround time, we will be adding MANY of our costumes and props to our Ready to Ship section throughout the season. They will be available on a first-come/first-serve basis only…but don’t worry if you see a costume or prop you like and it’s not available…simply contact us and we can recreate it for you.  Look for these items to be added soon (and often) to our Ready-to-Ship/In-Stock page.


DCATX is always fully accessible to our fans and customers, Here’s how to Contact Us!

Reach out anytime with questions about our costumes and props, customizing your costume character (want extra blood on that?), chat about what costume or prop weapon goes best with your mask or theme this year, or just shoot the breeze with one of us here in the shop…We can sit down together and customize your order and even custom design that special costume or prop that’s been running around in your head all year!

Again…don’t forget, DCATX offers FREE U.S. shipping on all of our products all year round.


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As always we do full custom work so bring us your imagination and we will Bring it to Life! 

Remember… Please feel free to contact us with any requests or costume/prop questions regarding future or current orders through the website or on our Facebook page or Instagram page!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Simply put…we here at DCATX are BIG fans of all the great horror movies and their distinguished list of characters. We offer you the chance to dress as that favorite serial killer or villain by offering some of the most detailed costumes and props available on the market today. Click Here to Learn More.

New Releases

At DCATX we work hard each year to create some of the most elaborate, professional,  movie-quality custom costumes and props available. In 2021, there will be A LOT of diversity with our designs so STAY TUNED as this will be one of the the quickest ways to see the latest updates on “What’s New” this season!
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Simply put..we are BIG fans of all the great horror movies and their distinguished list of characters that have come and gone over the years. Some people may like scary movies because they enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared while being safe at home or in a theater, some for the high suspense factor, and some to simply “escape” from their grinds of daily life.

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