Costume Care Instructions

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  1. Always store your costume in a cool, dry place when not being used.
  2. Do Not leave your costume in a vehicle for long periods of time, as extreme heat or cold can alter the numerous FX resulting in fading or color streaking or damage. Direct sun for hours on end can cause FX and/or significant color fading.
  3. Some DCATX custom costumes come with various pointed hardware FX. Caution has been taken to tactfully place these FX in strategic places on the costume however, please be cautions of your surroundings as well as others coming into contact with these type of costumes. Please wear with caution. Dark Creations ATX is not responsible for any misuse or injury incurred with you are wearing the costume. Wear at your own risk.
  4. Be gentle and careful when putting on your costume. Having a partner or set of ‘human hands’ available is a always good idea for some to help put on the costume to prevent ripping or tearing appendages. For some suits (the Vs. being one) we often recommend wearing a spandex/lycra undersuit under your costume to keep you cool and wick moisture away from your skin. Always be attentive when zipping/buttoning your costume when putting on a costume, especially over undergarments or other accessories, be gentle and do not force anything or you can tear or even pop a seam.
  5. After wearing your costume:
    Costumes should be turned inside out and hung up to dry outside with a few sprays of a deodorizer (we recommend Febreeze) to remove odors. Head pieces should be “febreezed” a bit inside as well and then placed outside to allow good air ventilation. The insides of hands, feet and gloves also deserve some febreeze, and should be aired as well. Lysol is a great anti-bacterial agent that can be used in high moisture areas of the costume as well.

  6. We recommend putting dryer sheets inside hands, feet, head, and any movable parts of the costume during long term storage, which will help prevent moisture/mold buildup and keep the costume smelling fresh.
  7. Due to the numerous blood and heavy paint schemes and FX on your costumes we strongly recommend light touch-up styled hand washing with cold water as hot water will make colors fade. Never attempt to iron and always use fluff dry option on dryers. As stated before the best option is to febreeze or Lysol and air dry your custom costume to preserve the added FX and integrity of the overall look. Never wash your custom costume in a washer as Dark Creations ATX is not responsible for any damaged incurred to the costume while in your possession.