Gilbert the stitched clown


Gilbert the Stitched Clown

Only 1 available

The original…Gilbert the stitched clown size XL!

This single ready to ship fully distressed costume is a size XL…a very rare appearance in our RTS section this is one super unique clown. Only 1 available so once he is gone he is gone!

‘In stitches’ – The meaning and origin of the phrase… to be in stitches is to be in such a paroxysm of laughter as to be in physical pain. The allusion implicit in the phrase is to that of a sharp pain – like being pricked with a very sharp needle. We think that our Stitched Clowns have more than just a needle planned for you!

Introducing Gil the Stitched Clown! The first release of our all NEW line-up of classic/vintage Stitched clown designs from Dark Creations ATX! Gil is a fully hand-stitched “in pieces” costume…another unique offering to the clown costume world!

This two-piece original design features matching themed fabric in various shades of black, blue, reds, greys, and whites with hand-stitched patches arranged throughout the suit giving it that vintage look. The detachable, ruffled collar is made from black and white pinstripe fabric, features pointed tips and sits on top of a ruffle of black and red fleck tulle. Pointed tips are repeated on each of the suit’s sleeves. Three oversized detachable, variegated pompoms of black/red, white/red, and white/black combo finish off the overall look. A miniature matching top hat makes the perfect accessory for this one-of-a-kind costume.

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