Lights Out (Clown Killer)

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Lights Out, older brother to Buzzkill, forced to live in darkness by his circus clown family seeking revenge against all clowns!

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Product Description

Lights Out – Clown Killer

Lights Out, older brother to Buzzkill and Endgame, had it a little tougher than his younger brothers. Lights Out, also born into a family of circus clowns, was a trouble maker and never fell in line. He wasn’t cast out but subjected to a life of darkness – chained in a basement by his clown family as punishment for his insubordinate behavior. Buzzkill freed Lights Out and together they have sworn the annihilation of all clowns!

The full costume includes a large array of UV fluorescent accessories including the faceplate, vest (complete with multi-colored bullets, 3 clips, and 3 grenades), dual gun shoulder holster with two handguns, sheathed colored knife, left and right thigh holsters with a matching pair of 7 inch 357 Airsoft revolvers, black face mask with fluorescent designs, hood (black), matching under shirt, cargo military-style pants, colored belt, spiked shoulder armor, forearm bracers, shin armor, boots…. all painted to match the one who dwells in darkness – Lights Out! 

Lights Out is perfect if you are looking for a unique character opposite of the clown culture. 

*Matching UV mallet can be purchased separately as an accessory*


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