Brett DeJager

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak about my experiences collaborating with Dark Creations ATX (DCATX) and to recommend their work for any custom character/costume projects they may have the opportunity to be a part of. Last year, my movie production company hired Adam Lane and DCATX to design and create the costume and overall look of the title character in our upcoming horror feature, Bonejangles. We approached DCATX with the project at the very last minute during the height of Halloween/Haunt Prep season and not only did DCATX ensure us that the costume would arrive in time for principle photography to start but that it would look outstanding and hold up throughout the entire 30 day shooting schedule. When the final costume was delivered to us it was very evident the quality was incomparable and exceeded our expectations. The design and color palette of the costume translated beautifully on screen, and the construction of the costume held up over the course of production, which included many stunts and long, hot summer days. DCATX demonstrated effective communication with us throughout the entire design process, which included phone calls, text messages, and photos of progress. Overall, our business dealings with DCATX have been fantastic, and I would not hesitate to hire Adam and DCATX for any of my upcoming projects. Additionally, I would not hesitate to recommend DCATX to any other company looking for a reliable and brilliant character, costume, and/or prop designer.