Kirk Synyard

I would like to offer a recommendation to Adam Lane and his team with regards to the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of the clothing and prop creations from Dark Creations ATX. I am a repeat customer who is also pursuing a small self starting fx business including sculptures, make up etc. I am a dedicated fan of Halloween and horror costumes and props and attend many of the different comic cons and fan expos within the radius of my city here in Toronto, Canada. Last year I am excited to share that I was a first place winner in 2 categories at Toronto Fan Expo as well as the winner in a local bar and 2nd place at a large night club, The Guvernment. Each of these venues which I attended had 1 thing in common, the Bubba costume/clothing that I purchased from Adam at Dark Creations ATX. With the utmost confidence and satisfaction, I can truly contest that the prop costumes I have received well exceeded my expectations. The quality of the clothing and materials used to create these “film ready” style costumes and props, in my opinion, will stand the test of time in durability and repeated use and wear. These quality hand made products are created with the focus of the customer in mind. Adam has a true knack to ensure that the product created is not delivered until it has been thoroughly checked for quality and completeness. Adam has a great customer satisfaction focus. On each of the occasions that I have been fortunate to purchase from him, he has reached out and inquired about my specific requests to ensure that I would be satisfied. Any time that I needed to ask a question or make a change, Adam stepped up and communicated back within hours of my email. There has been a time where I was able to have a telephone conversation to discuss the 2nd costume about blood and gore detail and a slight color change to the product. Again, he was ready to assist. I am a repeat customer who will no doubt be purchasing more outfits from Dark Creations in the near future because I have not seen anything else available at the price he is able to offer. The quality you get is worth more than the price you pay in both service and product. I would like to thank Adam and his team for standing by their product, being efficient and honest with every aspect of each sale from the initial inquiry to the delivery at my front door. From the Great White North here in Toronto, Canada, I thank you.